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Allow 2-3 weeks MINIMUM for delivery.

Izzy's "You Build It" BMW Parts

Building a WRLAER, NASASCCA, Rally America, or track day BMW E36?  Save a ton of time during the build by using our pre cut parts.


BMW Chassis Reinforcements - We developed our reinforcements based on our World Racing League E36 328i build. Our take on several other very common designs are available as one all inclusive kit or separately.

  • Rear Trailing Arm Bracket Reinforcements - Known cracking issue in the RTAB pocket is addressed to reinforce the RTAB's from stress cracks during track days or heavy race use. Welding required.

  • Rear Shock mounts - Disperses the shock load over a larger area than the stock mounts. Made from .125 steel. Larger than other designs to spread the load. Bolt on or can be welded. Use as a repair or to slow down the fatigue.

  • Rear Subframe Reinforcements - Known cracking issue is addressed to reinforce the Diff mount area. Thicker than the M3 kits. Welding required.

  • Lower Control Arm Kits - Weld on lower control arm reinforcements to strengthen those "salad tongs". Welding required.

  • Tie Down Kits - Make trailering the car a snap. No more T or J hooks, bent suspension components or wheels.

  • 318ti Rear Subframe Reinforcement Kit for M3 swaps or when the spot welds have started to pop due to the Diff mount cracking.Kit requires a bit of fabrication know how and LOTS of labor and welding.

  • Z3 and MCoupe Subframe Reinforcement Kit  If you've notice the rear feeling funny, it's time to look for popped spot welds or cracked diff mounts. Kit requires a bit of fabrication know how and LOTS of labor and welding.


These parts have been developed during various project builds at Izzy's. The parts were developed and tweaked for best final fitment on in house projects.


Unless noted, parts are shipped flat with pre cut bend lines that are easily formed with a good vise and a 1 lb hammer. Simply prep the weld areas to bare clean metal, hammer form (or use a press brake) and weld up the cut lines once installation is complete.


These are NOT bolt on parts. They will require some fabrication skills and tools to install.


Some trimming of edges may be necessary due to production line variances or prior chassis damage/repair.

Hardware not included. BMW not included. For off-road use only. Don't feed them after midnight. You'll shoot your eye out.

BMW Chassis Reinforcements

E36 Rear Trailing Arm Bracket Reinforcements. Everyone has them, but ours are better ;) .125" steel. Test fit on our own WRL Endurance E36.

Fix those "salad tong" rear control arms! Make them SOLID Tongs!

Check your rear shock mounts for cracks and then bolt on or weld in these reinforcement plates for the rear shock mounts.

Track E36's are known to crack where the rear cradle bolts to the chassis. Reinforce those areas with our weld in plates. Made from .125" steel, not 14 gauge or stamped sheet metal.

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