Building a NASA, SCCA, WRL, Rally America, or other race car? Save a ton of time during the build by using our pre cut parts.

We've developed these parts during various project builds here at Izzy's. Roll Cage pads, gussets, windshield tabs, seat mount brackets, harness mounts, you name it, we've built it.


These parts were developed and tweaked for best final fitment on in house projects. They've been tested and installed on in house projects featured on our other pages. Now, are all chassis exactly the same? Nope, so some parts will need a tweak here or there, but you'll be hours ahead of fabbing them up on your own.

Unless noted, parts are shipped flat with pre cut bend lines that are easily formed with a good vise and a 1 lb hammer. Simply prep the weld areas to bare clean metal, hammer form (or use a press brake) and weld up the cut lines once installation is complete.


These are NOT bolt on parts. They will require some fabrication skills and tools to install.

Some trimming of edges may be necessary due to production line variances or prior chassis damage/repair.

Allow 2-3 weeks MINIMUM for delivery.

Izzy's "You Build It" Parts

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