Below are just a few of the projects we've done in the last 13+ years of Automotive Fabrication. Let us know what we can build for you.
Porsche Projects

Porsche 964


8 Points

Custom Seat Bracket

Removable Rear Bulkhead

The owner of this Porsche 964 is turning this BEAUTIFUL 964 into a NASA Time Trials car and ultimately a full on wheel to wheel car for GTS!

Porsche 911 RS Motor


8 Points

Custom Seat Bracket

Street Legal

The owner of this 1974 Porsche 911 is turning this NASA Time Trials track day car into a full on wheel to wheel car for GTS3!

Porsche 944

NASA Spec944

8 Point

Also SCCA ITS legal

BJ Meyer of ClownShoe Motorsports brought us our first 944 for NASA's Spec944 class.

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