mazda Projects

SCCA Spec Miata

8 point

Tall Driver


St. Louis Region SCCA member Glen Johnson brought us his Spec Miata project for a full cage installation. Glen's a little bigger than the average SM driver, so we built the cage to fit his needs-from the 3 bar NASCAR bar to the recessed main hoop.

NASA Spec Miata 


Miata Cage Kit

Custom Seat Installs

Miata Floor Pan Modification

Although the fit and design isn't quite up to par with one of our custom cage installs, we are able to install roll cage kits that customers have sourced themselves.

Mazda Miata

SCCA & NASA Time Trials

8 Points

Dual Seat Mount

Chicago area father and son racers brought us their Mazda Miata track project for a custom cage install. Built to SCCA F-Production rules, this roadster is going to be a blast to drive at the local autocrosses and track days.

Below are just a few of the projects we've done in the last 13+ years of Automotive Fabrication. Let us know what we can build for you.

Mazda FC Rx7


8 Points

This RX7 was
built to compete in the SCCA's Improved Touring S Class.

FD Mazda RX7

6 Points

Swingout Doorbars

Reinforced rear shock mounts

This Third Gen. RX7 is being built to compete in everything from NHRA Drags, NOPI Events, Open Track Days... You name it... and with a 500+ horsepower Steve Kan Tuned Rotary, it should do quite well.The 6 point rollbar is legal for NHRA, SCCA PDX & Time Trial Events, SCCA Solo as well as just about every Driver Event or Open Track day put on by various clubs.

FD Mazda RX7

6 Points

NASA and NHRA Legal

This Third Gen. RX7 was built to compete in everything from NHRA Drags, NOPI Events, Open Track Days... You name it... and with a small block V8, it should do quite well

Mazda Miata

6 Points

World Racing League Build

This Miata was build by a trade school in order to take their students racing! How cool is that! This particular Miata had under 100 miles on it when it was dropped off for the build.

Building Your Own?

Use our parts!

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