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Reinforcement kit for those M swapped E36 318ti's (or M Coupes that are starting to fail).


Swapped 318ti's need clearance for the E36 differential as one bolt interferes with the OEM sheetmetal cross beam. Most people cut a notch... then not much later end up having the diff mount fail due to weakend material. This kit includes a cut out and reinforcement box for S52 swapped 318ti's for the diff bolt that interferes with the OEM Sheet metal. Without the kit installed, cutting the oem sheet metal will lead to catastrophic metal fatigue and failure... especially with the added power of the M motors. 


The kit is made from .125 steel. The majority of the lower OEM sheet metal is maintained. Original diff mounts will be removed. Slots will need to be cut for the new beefier diff mounts to slide through. The diff mounts slide through the new lower insert and are reinforced within the channel. See pictures.


This is not a kit for the weekend install. Lots of fabrication required. It's pretty straightforward, but if you're not comfortable taking measurements to keep the diff mount square, you should probably not tackle this on your own.


This is a DIY kit. NO INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED. If you need a step by step, there are other kits out there that are well documented.


This kit *MAY* fit the E30 chassis. We've not tested it... It SHOULD fit, but it may take some work to use... or it may not ... again, we haven't tested it on the E30 chassis.

IT WILL NOT work on a Z3 or on a dual ear diff. Go get Randy Forbes' kit. You won't be disappointed.

Kit installation is available at our St. Louis, Missouri shop. Please inquire for schedule availability.

BMW 318ti Differential mount reinforcement kit

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