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BMW CHASSIS Reinforcement Projects

BMW E36 318ti

S52 swapped 318ti diff mount reinforcement


We developed a kit for M motor swapped 318Ti's. This particular kit provides clearance for the diff bolt. Lots of cutting and welding required. Uses the original sheet metal as a basis and our kit reinforces or is added to it.

Order our reinforcement kit HERE

318ti S52 swap
Subframe Crack
Popped Spot Welds
Popped Spot Welds 3
Popped Spot Welds 2
Popped Spot Welds 1
BMW 318ti Mockup Reinforcement Kit
E36 318ti rear subframe kit
318Ti Base Sectons installed
Center Hole and Forward Vertical in place
Mount spacers
Diff Mount Welded and primed
Diff Mount Closeup
Final Enclosure
318ti with S52 Motor Swap
Side wings and final enclosure Closeup
Side wings and final enclosure Closeup 2
Underside diff mount
Diff Installed with reinforcement kit

Building Your Own?

Use our parts!

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