Ford Cages

Merkur XR4ti

RallyCar or NASA Rally

8 Points

Reinforced Rocker Panels

Jack/skid rails

Custom Skid Plates


Built to run with Rally America, this one time rust bucket was rebuilt into one of the most beautiful rally cars we'd ever seen. Sadly it was badly damaged in a stage at the Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. It is being rebuilt though and will return to stage rally soon..

Ford Mustang GT Fox Body

Formula D1 Drift

6 Point Roll Cage

NASA and SCCA Legal

This 1988 Fox Body Mustang GT came in for a roll cage to compete in local Drift events. The cage also meets several Club Race rulesets so the owner can move on to wheel to wheel if he desires.

1948 Ford Anglia Hot Rod

Complete Floorpan Fabrication

Removable Transmission hump

Hotrod Steer Clear Mounting

Custom Wheel Tubs

Custom Trunk and Fuel Cell

A local Hot Rodder is building this 1948 Ford Anglia as a cruiser. The car came to us for complete firewall, floorpan and rear wheel tub fabrication.

2013 Ford Mustang GT

Modular, removable roll bar

4 Points



A local Ford Mustang enthusiest has been bitten by the track bug. He's taking his beautiful 2013 Ford Mustang GT out on the track for various NASA and SCCA HPDE/PDX events.

We've caged Pintos, Taurus SHOs, Merkurs and Mustangs for competition in Road Racing, Drag racing, Rally and even drift.

Building Your Own?

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