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Do you trailer your E36? Always dread tying the car down? Our tie down points were developed while building our WRL Endurance Racing E36 328i. We wanted to make tying the car down easy, especially after being on the track all weekend. They make loading and unloading on an open trailer a breeze. Mounts to cross brace points.

During load up, clip your straps to the loops. Done. No screwing with t-hooks, worries about crossing, or putting extra wear on your suspension while underway or worries about the finish on your wheels from using wheel straps.

Requires removal and remounting of cross bar.

Bare Steel in stock.

Powder coating available with additional turnaround time.

Includes 2 tie down points cut from 3/16" steel.

Fits standard tie down hook.

Rear tie down points are also available here

Tie downs not included. Hardware not included. E36 not included. For off-road use only. Not for vehicle recovery. Don't feed them after midnight. You'll shoot your eye out.

E36 BMW Front Tie Down Points

SKU: 0001
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