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Our double shear harness mount will get that daunting task checked off quickly. Simply consult your harness manufacturer instructions for the angles and spacing separating your harness mount locations, mark the floorpan, check underneith for objects that may be in the way (brake and fuel lines, hydraulic lines, frame/chassis componants etc) drill and install the backing plates with your choice of Grade 8/10.9 or MIL Spec hardware (NOT INCLUDED).


All of our harness mounts include rounded corners and edges. Hard, 90 degree corners tend to act like can openers when side loads are applied. This is a BAD thing. Not only do we round the corners with a generous 1/2"-3/4" radius, we also hand grind the cut edge to be sure that the mount is smooth and will not work it's way through the sheet metal. 


Our CNC plasma cut plates are .125" thick and has either 2 mounting bolt holes, 4 holes or undrilled plates and matching backing plates.


- Sold as a pair with matching backing plates (4 pieces total). Hardware NOT INCLUDED.

Double Shear Racing Harness Mount

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