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Our Harness Mount Backing Plates are used when mounting racing harnesses or seat belts in a production based car with a sheet metal floor, or anywhere that extra reinforcement is needed. Ideal for mounting Eyebolts for snap style harness.

We now have FIA spec round backing plates. These 3" diameter, .125" thick steel plates are available flat or with a variety of TIG welded nuts.

What's the difference between ours and the other guys?


The main difference is the rounded corners and edges. Hard, 90 degree corners tend to act like can openers when side loads are applied. This is a BAD thing. Not only do we round the corners with a generous 3/4" radius, we also hand grind the cut edge to be sure that the mount is smooth and will not work it's way through the sheet metal. 


The other big difference? Ours isn't always on national backorder... although they are cut or welded when ordered, we do have a few in inventory at all times.


Several sizes available as we know from experience that the area of the floor pan isn't always a perfect 4x4 square.


Our CNC plasma cut plates are .125" thick and has a single bolt hole pre-cut in the center for a 7/16" bolt or eyebolt (not included). 


Optional welded nut versions have a 7/16"x20 nut (industry standard size).


- Sold individually.

Racing Harness Mount Backing Plates

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