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Ford Fox Body Mustang Front Strut Tower Reinforcement Kit - Are the strut mounts on your 90-93 Mustang/Capri collapsing, rusted through or needing reinforcement for that roll cage or coil over conversion? Cut out hours of fabrication (passenger side and drivers side are completely different) and get right to the installation with our strut top kit.

We also have a rear shock mount reinforcement kit. THIS IS AN UNTESTED KIT. Normally we have revisions to our initial files after test fitting, but this kit did not have any revisions. Now, that could mean it was perfect the first time off of the table, or that we just never revised it during the installation. It does utilize the OEM "Strap" reinforcement that goes over the shock mount, so if yours is rusted away etc, this may not be a great option. Some trimming or adding of additional filler pieces may be involved with this one.


Building a NASA, SCCA, Rally America, or other race car? Save a ton of time during the build by using our pre cut parts.


These parts have been developed during various project builds at Izzy's. The parts were developed and tweaked for best final fitment on in house projects.


Unless noted, ALL parts are shipped flat with pre cut bend lines that are easily formed with a good vise and a 1 lb hammer. Simply prep the weld areas to bare clean metal, hammer form (or use a press brake) and weld up the cut lines once installation is complete.


These are NOT bolt on parts. They will require some fabrication skills and tools to install.


Some trimming of edges may be necessary due to production line variances or prior chassis damage/repair.


Fox Body Front Strut Reinforcement Plates

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