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Tie down points for the rear of many BMW's. Fit E30, E36, E46, M Coupe and may fit other models as well. Makes loading and unloading your track car on an open trailer a breeze. Mounts to lower shock mount points.


These will not bend when crossing your straps like other "hooks" on the market made from 1/8" material. 

Clip strap hooks to the loops. Done. No screwing with t-hooks, worries about crossing, or the t-hooks falling out.

Requires removal and remounting of lower shock bolt. Bare Steel in stock. Powder coating available with additional turnaround time. Includes 2 tie down points cut from 1/4" steel. Fits standard tie down hook. May require additional length shock bolt... but those E30 and E36 ones are aging out anyway ;)

Tie downs not included. Hardware not included. BMW not included. For off-road use only. Not intended for vehicle recovery. Don't feed them after midnight. You'll shoot your eye out.

BMW Rear Tie Down Points

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