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Racing in the National Auto Sport Associations Super Touring class in 2023? Use these Tire Section Tools before you get to the track and be sure your tires are legal for the class.


Made from the official pattern supplied by NASA. NOT A NASA OFFICIAL TOOL but will let you know if you're current tires are compliant with the new rule.

315mm, 300mm and 270mm have now been added for 2023 (check your rules for your class)!


Our initial run of powder coated Section Width tools are just about depleated. When they're gone, choose "Custom Powder Coat" option. We will finish in the default colors pictured on this listing or a standard color of your choice.


From 6.1.2 of the 2018 Rules 

“NASA Section Width” 

DOT tire width is determined by a measurement of the “NASA Section Width” of the largest tire (if staggered sizes) on the vehicle in post-competition impound/inspection, without changes to tire inflation (may be allowed to cool to pre-competition pressure). The tire may be measured while off or on the vehicle at any location not affected by ground contact sidewall deflection. A tire's NASA Section Width is the measurement of the tire's width from its inner sidewall to its outer sidewall using the NASA Section Width tire measurement tool(s) (excluding any protective ribs, decorations or raised letters) at the point 30mm deep to the tread surface on a new tire for vehicles 2400 lbs. or greater, and 23mm deep to the tread surface for vehicles less than 2400 lbs.

No refunds or returns if the rules are changed or modified.

Updated 4/17/23

NASA Tire Section Tool - Super Touring

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