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Our hardtop bracket kits fit OEM S2000 Hardtops as well as several aftermarket hardtops (Spoon Top owners....Our brackets DO NOT WORK WITH AUTHENTIC SPOON TOPS!).


If you're going wheel to wheel racing with your S2000, most sanctioning bodies require you to replace the stock latches/catches on your hard top with "positive fastening devices." Our brackets were CAD designed and are CNC cut from 1/8" thick 1020 Mild Steel (fronts) and 6061 Aluminum (rears)(*).

  • OEM S2000 Factory Hardtop latch hardware is M8x1.25x15mm and M6x1x20mm (**).
  • Race sets require 4) M8x1.25 & 6) M6x1
  • Street sets require 4) M8x1.25 & 8) M6x1
  • "Security/Front Brackets" sets 8) M6x1
    (*)Fasteners/Hardware not included. See our Fastener Kits to order. (**) We recommed 15mm length maximum for M6 hardware.


I make these parts to order, which means that once you order, I work the order into the cut or assembly list based on other orders. Cut time depends on other orders in queue and materials on the table for those orders.

Front Brackets = 2 front brackets
Race Rear Brackets = 2 rear brackets for cars w the soft top removed

Street Rear Brackets = 2 rear brackets for cars with the soft top still installed

"Set" = 2 pieces


PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 WEEKS MINIMUM before order is shipped. Add an additional 2-3 weeks for powder coated brackets.

Updated 12/2/23

Honda S2000 Hardtop Brackets

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