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Are you fielding an endurance racing E36 and fear the dreaded "Money Shift?" The Money Shift is when your driver goes from 3rd, (or 5th.. yikes) and accidently shifts into 2nd instead of 4th, causing the motor to rev and the head to exit stage left.


This plate bolts to the factory console slots using Nutserts, welded T nuts or standard fender washers/bolts (none of those included) 3 Aluminum 1" spacers included to get the proper height. (Aluminum spacers available based on inventory at the time due to Covid Shortages/Prices)


THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE that your driver will not manage to turn that driveline into a grenade. This is a low dollar fix to a known issue. Motor mount and shifter bushing condition also play a HUGE role here. Check out Condor Speed Shop for help there. We did! 

E36 Shifter Plate - Reduce those costly "Money Shifts"

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