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****Images here are of several different designs and NOT specifically E30's. DO NOT have your cage bent up before you install these pads.****

Building your own roll cage for your NASA, SCCA, WRL, AER Rally America, or other race car? Save a ton of time during your roll cage build by using our CNC plasma cut roll cage pads. These aren't some generic 6x6 flat square pads. These are the very same pads we use on our custom cage installations and hit major structural components, not just welded to the thin floorpan.


Each pad kit design has been test fit and tweaked during an installation at our shop. Kits come pre-cut and ready to be weld prepped, bent (if necessary) and welded in. No more hours of cutting, grinding or "close enough" fit.


The pads are shipped flat with pre cut bend lines that are easily formed with a good vise and a 1 lb hammer. Simply prep the weld areas to bare clean metal, hammer form (or use a press brake) and weld up the cut lines once installation is complete.


Some trimming of edges may be necessary due to production line variances or prior chassis damage/repair.

Some pictures above may be pads from other chassis. 


These are NOT bolt on parts. They will require some fabrication skills and tools to install.

We have cage pads for many other applications:

  • BMW E36 Sedan Road Race,
  • Ford Fox Body Mustang NASA/SCCA Roll Cage Pads - 6 pt
  • Honda S2000 NASA/SCCA Roll Cage Pads -6 pt
  • Mazda Miata NASA/SCCA Roll Cage Pads -6 pt
  • Mazda RX7 FD NHRA
  • Mazda RX7 FD Road Race/Drift
  • Mopar 68-70 B-Body NHRA Roll Cage Pads -10 pt
  • Subaru Impresa RS 2.5 Rally America Cage Pads -6 pt
  • Subaru WRX Rally America Cage Pads -6 pt
  • Subaru Legacy Rally America Cage Pads -6 pt
  • VW Jetta MK III  Rally America Roll Cage Pads -6 pt
  • More soon!

E30 BMW Road Race 6 point cage pads

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