CNC Plasma Cutting

Product Design

Do you have an idea for a product, but just don't have the means to cut it? We can accept anything from rough measurements on a napkin, all the way up to CAD files from SolidWorks. If all you have is a cardboard template, we can draw it up for you! Anything you can imagine from Automotive brackets, turbo mounts, exhaust flanges to home decor, shelf accents or stairway railing inserts, gates, firepits... what do you have in mind?

We do have a 1 hour minimum charge ($70.00) on any artwork designed in house. For any artwork provided, please check that your designs are "clean" and all elements are connected so that the files are cut ready.

Vector art files accepted. .DXF, . DWG, . SWF or  Adobe Illustrator Legacy or CS3 preferred. Raster image files (.jpeg etc) will require in house conversion and 1 hour minimum charge.

Any .dxf files we output will be sent to you via email for your use in later projects. We do reserve the right to use the files for our own use unless other arrangements have been made.

Your products, from 1 to 1,000

Already have your product designed? Send us the file and let us know type of material, number of copies, finish required etc. 

CNC Plasma Cutting is great for when you have a product that is labor intensive to make by hand or your company doesn't have the capability to run a single small batch or to fabricate in house. Also great for those small run projects for Construction or even around the house. Automotive brackets and mounts, household decor or landscape elements, business signs or custom logos, let us know what you need!

Our CNC Plasma table and Hypertherm PowerMax 65 can cut single 48"x48" sheets of up to 1" thick and with a cut width down to .045 the Plasma is quick and accurate for details down to about 3/16" of an inch. Our WaterJet (Coming Fall 2017) will be able to cut up to 5'x 10' and will cut through just about any material. Wood, plastics, rubber. With a .023 cut width, details will not be a problem!

Custom Welding and Fabrication

Need the piece we cut fabricated? We have the ability to fabricate your piece from scratch. We've been involved with automotve racing fabrication for well over a decade... you name it, we can build it. One hour minimum on all projects. $100.00 per hour shop rate.

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