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Izzy's Custom Cages LLC is a fabrication shop in St. Louis, Missouri specializing in custom roll cages, race car and off-road fabrication for competition in Road Race, Performance Rally, Track Days and Drift.

Being a small shop built on the pure enjoyment of race car fabrication, we can afford the attention to detail that each customer should expect when having custom fabrication work performed on their project.

We have several projects in process. Check our Facebook page link for current progress and photos. Take a look to the left to see some of the past projects for NASA, SCCA, and NHRA as well as Pro Rally.

Check out our our secondary company,! Race track wall art of famous tracks from around the world.

Race Track Wall Art

S2000 Hard top bracket kits for OEM & Mugen hardtops

Need a custom cage built or fabrication for your NASA, SCCA, BMWCCA, WRL, CHUMP or 24 Hours of Lemons race car or Street Car?

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